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  1. Liber · April 15, 2015

    Interesting topic, and one that is heavily discussed eveywhere in the gaming world. “How to get more women in gaming?”

    Problem is the topic is also heavily pushed by a demographics that is more interested in proving their ideologies of how white men are responsible of everything that is wrong in the world, and their latest crime was making videogames “closed” to others.

    Although I can see how people could think that the overuse of the word “bitch” in this show could show how gamers can create an environment that is unfriendly to women, and thus the only way to attract more women in games is to silence the demographics that keeps making the environment unfriendly, and then women will play more games like EVE, or fighting games, or competitive/esports games.
    If you are thinking that this kind of thinking is a mistake, well I agree.

    The two problems with that thinking is that it assumes that, first, women are too weak to be able to fend off when people call them names.
    And maybe that’s true, I mean it is a recognized trait that -most- women empathize more than -most- men, that -most- women are less prone to aggression than -most- men, thus maybe -most- women are not as well-equipped to deal with toxicity than -most- men. But then in a world where you have so many people that are keen to either offend or ruin your day when given the occasion , is it a good idea to be that badly equipped when dealing with toxicity?
    Some people would say ‘yes’ and that it should be the world that change, those are the same people who think games should change to accommodate women.
    The second problem is that if we have to start watch everything we say and do just to never ever offend this or that demographics, this can only end up with everyone censoring everyone when given the occasion or when they can get an advantage out of it.

    If the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo should have made people understand one thing, it’s that to have to censor ourselves because of an ideology is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. #FREEDOM

    Pretty much, maybe the people who want to change games in order to have them appeal more to whatever demographics out there, should maybe consider that whatever the demographics, if a game is good people will play it and that despite the community, the obstacles, or whatever else. Thinking that women are too weak to be able to play a game because of the big bad males is both condescending and insulting.