Currently Uploaded Broadcasts.. If the show you are looking for isn’t uploaded yet , please leave a comment below and I will try and get back to you

10-04-19: Open Comms Oct-4-2019

09-27-19: Open Comms Sept-27-2019

09-20-19: Open Comms Sept-20-2019

09-13-19: Open Comms Sept-13-2019

09-06-19: Open Comms Sept-6-2019

08-30-19: Open Comms Aug-30-2019

08-23-19: Open Comms Aug-23-2019

08-16-19: Open Comms Aug-16-2019

08-09-19: Open Comms Aug-9-2019


07-19-19: Podcast from July 19, 2019

07-12-19: Delayed local goes into effect, Cruisers of Eve recap

07-05-19: Elbee hosts, drifters go crazy

06-28-19: Eve North recap show

06-14-19: Matt from the EVE North crew joins us to discuss the meet

06-07-19: Bit of an update on EVE North, which is right around the corner. And is the CSM election over yet? Sadly, not soon enough. Oh, and can we put gold ammo on the ballot as a referendum?

05-31-19: We’ve upgraded to the 64-bit Open Comms beta w/ more Double Dirk Rate Random Alcohol Memory for added stability. Guests tonight are of the northern persuasion: AlphaStarPilot & Blazing Bunny

05-24-19: New Invasion patch discussion, some CSM, and a few other tid bits.

05-17-19: Manic Velocity, Dunk Dinkle, and Mike Azariah join us for general discussion and CSM talk.

05-10-19: We discuss the botting drama regarding renter alliances and Jester’s reddit AMA about CSM 8

05-03-19: Show topics include the SSI tournament and upcoming CSM elections

04-26-19: Brisc, Pando, and Dark Shines are back from ban land and talk about the experience.

04-19-19: Eve North Toronto talk as well as the Streamfleet Showdown Invitational postponement.

04-12-19: The ban and CSM removal of Brisc Rubal

04-05-19: Discussed the new patch released on Tuesday

03-29-19: PLEX price spikes discussion

03-22-19: CSM minutes talk

03-15-19: St. Patrick’s Day show and a big patch to discuss

03-08-19: Podcast from Mar 8, 2019

03-01-19: Podcast from March 1, 2019

02-22-2019: Podcast from February 22, 2019

02-15-19: Podcast from February 15, 2019

02-08-19: Podcast from February 8, 2019

02-01-19: Podcast from February 1, 2019

01-25-19: Podcast from January 25, 2019

01-18-19: Podcast from January 18, 2019

01-11-19: Podcast from January 11, 2019

01-04-19: Podcast from January 4, 2019

12-7-18: Changes to the war declaration system and some further patch discussion.

11-30-18: CCP announces closed alpha for Project Nova is postponed until further notice.

11-23-18: It’s black Friday and we talk about TEST losing a Ratara in highsec, the coming removal of POS jump bridges and cyno beacons/jammers, NC Dot’s massacre and some abyssal sites.

11-16-18: Onslaught is released and we get some CSM insight from Brisc. Dirk drops a “bomb” (although he’s been saying it on Twitter for a while).

11-9-18: We opened with a remembrance to Swet Mags who passed away. We then discuss the Onslaught Expansion.

11-2-18: BC remembrance episode as well as more Vegas recap

10-26-18: Vegas Recap show

10-12-18: Raiden Harmann and Perle join us to talk about Eve Vegas coming next week.

10-5-18: This week we dive into the CSM summer summit minutes that were released last Monday.

9-28-18: Matterall joined us and Brisc is back.  We talked about upcoming Vegas, and the CSM summit that just concluded.

9-21-18: Jin’taan and Sort Dragon join us to talk about the coming updates including the 500MN Hictor removal, ECM changes, and nullified interceptors. We also touched on CCP’s harassment policy enforcement.

9-14-18: Discussion of the new skin set in memory of CCP Mankiller as well as Pearl Abyss’ acquisition of CCP. Matterall joined us to start, then we brought in Hyprviper, Manic Velocity, TheJudge, Sadus, KillahBee, and Sort Dragon

09-07-18: ElBee, NoizyGamer, Arrendis, and Hyprviper1 joined us to discuss the sale of CCP to Pearl Abyss, the creators of Black Desert Online

08-31-18: We had Matterall, Grath, and MacCloud join us to talk about some coming updates.

08-24-18: Guests Wyld, Apothne, Dunk Dinkle, Hyprviper1, and MacCloud. We discussed some random stuff along with a bit of AT recap.

08-17-18: Maccloud and Matterall join us and we basically ramble about random stuff. Some AT, some Keepstar fight stuff, updates, etc.

07-27-18: Discussion of the drama about the “HAX” with the UALX-3 breakout, the Alliance Tournament and the Girls vs. Boys matches.

07-20-18: Guest Vily, Arrendis, Progodlegend, Grath, Boat, Matterall, MikeAzariah and Dunk Dinkle help discuss the war as we watch for a potential form-up for the UALX timer.

07-13-18: No guests this week as we discuss the battle over the Imperium keepstar in 6RCQ-V and the war in general..

07-06-18: This week we had Brisc Rubal, Matterall and Jin’taan as guests. We discussed a bunch of new stuff including updates to performance regarding missiles, the July 10 release, AT tournament bracket, and Eve Down Under.

06-29-18: Greygal joined us to talk about the Cruisers of Eve trip she is lining up for next year in June.  We also discussed the Eve University field trip for new players, the PC Gamer article about harassment in Final Fantasy XIV, and some discussion about high sec in the bonus hour of the show with Chainsaw Plankton.

06-22-18: House Hendoe and Brisc Rubal joined us to discuss the drama with Star Citizen’s Vulture along with recent bans.

06-08-18: Brisc Rubal, Matterall, Sullen Decimus, Commander Aze, Blaster Masterson, and Raiden Harmann. We discuss the drama over filamentgate and the open elections.

06-01-18: Brisc Rubal and House Hendoe join us to discuss the elections as well as abyssal sites.

5-25-18: House Hendoe back as well as Lazarus Telraven and Mawderator. We discussed the AT more in depth and more CSM.

5-18-18: Brisc Rubal, House Hendoe, and OttoBismarck for guests and discussed a little more CSM as well as the new AT rules

5-11-18: Brisc Rubal is back and Grath joins us later in the show. Light week for topics, but joked about Origin ownership swapping and more CSM discussions.

5-4-18: Brisc Rubal and Matterall joined us to discuss CSM among other things

4-27-18: DC’s last show, so we give him a farewell. We also discuss CCP Seagull’s departure and touch a little on the fighting in the north

4-20-18: Hyprviper1 as a guest and talked about the Black Hand involvement with the heists to GotG as well as Fanfest discussions with Rahne and Blastem2hell who were there.

4-13-18: Fanfest reveals

3-23-18: Special guests Noizy Gamer and Hippojax talk about drinks, skins, and CSM season

3-16-18: This week we are joined by special guest Grath Telkin for the St. Patrick’s day show with discussion of more March release stuff.

3-9-18: Elo Knight is back this week to discuss various Fanfest stuff, CSM, and a handful of other random things

3-2-18: No Dirk on this show, but we had Elo Knight join us for general discussions. We talked about the various small changes coming out (probe launcher Monitor, security change) as well as rehashing the tether and fatigue changes.

2-16-18: Bot reporting and the February patch release.

2-9-18: Guests Matterall, Sullen Decimus, and Sort Dragon discuss the CSM minutes from the winter summit

2-2-18: Guests Suitonia and Opner Dresden discuss the frigate rebalance and the Triumvirate keepstar fight

1-26-18: Arrendis, Elise Randolph, Jin’taan, and progodlegend as guests tonight as we talked about the fight in 9-4RP2 along with progodlegend’s article and elevation to Canadian fame on the CBC.

1-19-18: Grath Telkin, Jin’taan, and Dunk Dinkle joined us to talk about the 9-4 keepstar fight and the upcoming structures 2.0 patch

1-12-18: Exciting and lively conversations about botting and “shitholes” of Eve

1-5-18: Special guests Opner Dresden, Jeronica, and Commander Aze join us and discuss the replacement coming for CREST/API. That’s not all you also get a bonus 1 hour of the after show included at no extra cost!

12-29-17: The year in review

12-15-17: Current CSM member Jintaan and CSM prospect J McClain join us for some pre-holiday EVE banter.

12-01-17: Open Comms is back yet again with another episode chock full of insight and well-reasoned commentary. Then there is the other hour and 52 minutes. Drunk Canadian returns this week as we delve into the upcoming Arms Race release and SuperAlphas.

11-.24-17: The Black Friday edition of The Open Comms Show

11-17-17: Open Comms Nov-17-2017

11-10-17: Discussion of the Anger Games 3 cancellation and other news 

11-03-17: Remembering BigCountry one year later, it’s also the 6th anniversary of the very first Open Comms Show, and a lively discussion of the CCP restructuring with special guests MrsCountry, Manic Velocity, and Grath Telkin. 

10-27-17: Lifeblood patch discussion with guest Ashterothi 

10-20-17: Community fittings, Reza purge, and GOTG vs DRF with guest Johann Landier

10-13-17: Eve Vegas recap show with special guest CCP_Falcon 

10-5-17: Live broadcast from EVE Vegas 2017

9-29-17: 5 days to  & we’re shootin shots & the shite w/ bicycle theft victim JintaanEVE & 

9-22-17: Disclaimer: This show was especially drunk, crude, and possibly offensive. Enjoy!

9-15-17: Circle of Two drama with guests Progodlegend and Sullen Decimus

9-8-17: The CSM Summer Summit minutes get’s the Open Comms treatment w/ guest 

9-1-17: The EveVegas countdown begins with CCP Falcon, guest progodlegend, and it’s Dirk’s birthday!

8-25-17: AT recap from rahne and various other talk. guests this week were RoAnnon and PoxBox.

8-18-17: Is this now what we call a war in EVE? Plus, Dirk is back from vaca and The Return of the Grath.

8-11-17: This week we discussed the war and the battle of Hakonen. Guests were DBRB, Grath, Doomchinchilla, and Caprisunkraftfoods.

8-4-17: Alliance tournament, August structure changes, and imperium deployment

7-28-17: EVE Northeast recap and bits of EVE chatter with ENE organizer ExookiZ and attendees Ayeson and J McClain.

7-21-17:Moon mining changes with guest Roedyn

7-14-17: Open Comms is joined by CSM member Noobman and Ayeson, the CEO of Hard Knocks, to discuss the first siege of a wormhole Keepstar. Other topics include Eve Northeast, spiders, Project Discovery, and a look ahead to the return of Game of Thrones.

7-7-17: No topical guest this week, but our friends Matterall and blastem2hell were around for a lively discussion of recent news in EVE, including T3 cruisers and the recent video postcard from CCP Seagull.

6-30-17: Many topics discussed including skill queue reimbursement, ghost training and we ask the question: Is lapsing to Alpha state exploiting you? Return guest Alekseyev Karrde also provides some insight in the CSM of yesteryear. Oh and Dirk goes beer only. The most sedate end to the show ever.

6-23-17: Lots of news from around the way, including the Provi Keepstar and new Eve-O forums, with guests Alekseyev Karrde and Jin’taan. EVE webdev CCP Avalon also pops in to say hello and comment on the forums.

6-16-17: Pacifiergate and the late Spring of Discontent with guest Jin’taan

6-9-17: Lots of guests and lots of topics! Main topic of the night was the fighter nerf and the rage about it. Disclaimer: It gets a little loud with so many people.

6-2-17: Excavator drone nerfs, CCP T-shirt design contest, and ATXV feeder round discussion. Drunk Canadian returns and special guest dabigredboat

5-27-17: T3 cruiser rebalance and ATXV rules with special guest Grath Telkin

5-19-17: Fleet changes, First Blood Raiders shipyard kill, and ghost skill training

5-12-17: Discussion of EVE economics and other random topics

5-5-17: Cinco de Mayo celebration

4-28-17: Anime, weebs & the war in EVE against big-eyed animated others 

Bonus 4-21-17: After Dark 

4-21-17: Discussion of MER and Crazy Talk

4-7-17: Tito’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

3-31-17: Preview of the Imperium Anger Games with Sothrasil and Wyld

3-24-17: Introduction of Refineries & Changes to Moon Mining

3-17-17: Many guests joined in on discussing PLEX changes and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

3-3-17: Organization of high sec groups. Too many guests to name.

2-24-17: Rorqual nerfs and bubble changes with guests Grath Telkin, Tyrant Scorn, and many more

2-17-17: Guest Lockefox 

2-10-17: CSM Candidates and BC gives back 

2-3-17: CSM candidates join us to answer questions, discuss important topics and of course shots!!

1-20-17: Happy Trump Day, CSM Election Announcement & Paywall Communities w/ Silicon Buddha

1-13-17: CSM Election chatter with Matterall, Roedyn and more

12-30-16: New Year’s Eve Eve w/ guest Manic Velocity

12-16-16: Rocket_X and RIP Alan Thicke

12-09-16: General banter

12-02-16: Guest ElBee Leblanc

11-25-16: Guest CSM Member Jin’taan

11-18-16: Alpha Clones Arrive

11-11-16 EVE Vegas Recap

11-3-16 Remembering BC

10-27-16: Live from EVE Vegas!

10-20-16: Talk about EVE Vegas, general shenanigans 

10-13-16: This weeks guests: DaBigRedBoat, Apothne, and Sullen Maximus. Talk of the new Pink ship skins and new EULA changes. 

10-6-16: Guests Drunk Canadian, Apoth, Kael, and RCR Elbee.

9-29-16: Guests Apothne, Grath Telkin, Mawderator. Talk of CSM stuff and alliance tournament.

9-22-16: Guests Gommel Nox and Jin’taan. Accessible gaming and the CSM summit.

9-15-16: Coming Soon

9-8-16: Guest Neville Smit, talk on alpha clones and dynamic PvE

9-1-16: Another amazing show with guests Dunk Dinkle and Sullen Maximus plus more!

8-25-16: Special guests LockeFox and Neville Smit!, talk about the battle of SH1, and upcoming EVE game and ship changes.

8-18-16: EVE Topics with Apothne

8_11_2016 : Eve convos with guest Matterall

08-04-2016: Guest Kale Decadence, EVE and CSM talk, and of course random shenanigans

7-21-16: Discussions about EVE, player feedback about show, random BS

7-7-2016: New AT changes discussion with Grath Telkin and Suitonia as well as other EVE rando.

6-30-16: Some general eve talk , aswell as EVE NE player event stories

6 – 9 – 2016 : some early technical difficulties and then Jeffraider

6 – 2- 2016 : Discussed streamers and EVE relations as well as  EVE NE   – Special guests DBRB, Grath Telkin, Exooitz

5 – 26- 2016 : Bigcountry birthday episode , Also special guest DaBigRedBoat

2 – 19 – 2016 : Special Friday Edition of The Open Comms Show……much, much drinking

2 – 11 – 2016 : Module Tiercide,  Skill point injectors and other eve online shenanigans 

2 – 4 – 2016 : Eve Talk , TV Talk , and your typical shenanigans with ScaredPanda, Rahne and Yoloswagtron

1 – 28 – 2016 : Conclusion of the Shark Tank event, Random Shenanigans with Panda , Rahne , Silva, Matterall and tons of others ….

1 – 21 – 2016 : Scooter Macabe 2trillion Isk Shark Tank , special guests  – Xander Phoena , Matterall , Jsilva

1 – 14 – 2016 : Special Cohosts Chocolate Rahne and Scared Panda, visits by Jsilva, Scooter Mccabe

1 – 7 – 2016 : Special Cohosts – Chocolate Rahne and Matterall , with special guests Elise Randolph , Ashterothi , Grath Telkin , Suitonia and many more …

The Open Comms NYE Bash  : So much thanks to all the people who joined us in sending off the old year and bringing in the new !!!  

12 – 24 – 2015 : Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday Shenanigans

12 – 17 – 2015 : Csm Discussion and usual shenanigans

12 – 10 – 2015 : Community and Event Mismanagement

12 – 03 – 2015 : ..Discussions with Matterall , Schwaboy and Csm talk

11-26-15: Happy Turkey Day … Dirks admits his love of the dark meat … and then some Karoake shenanigans

11 – 19 – 10`5  :  EOTCV joins us for more Rumble Details, We talk about upcoming eve changes and WAR !!!!!!!

11 – 05 – 2015 : Mannys CSM exit , guests – Grath , Laz, and other junkies

10 – 29 – 2015 : EOCTV Royal Rumble , Eve Vegas 2015 rehab and roundup

Live from Eve Vegas 2015 … special guests CCP Roughage, CCP Hunter, Noizygamer , Scooter McCabe

10 – 15 – 2015 : Parallax Changes, Eve Vegas 2015 , and SP changes

10 – 8 – 2015 : Care for Kids Campaign , PFR Lograth and upcoming eve changes

10 – 1 – 2015 : Visited by Sion and Sugar Kyle …talked CSM and EVE Stuffs

9 – 24 – 2015 : Sorry for technical issues at the beginning  but we get them worked out real quick. Manfried Sideous gives us a visit for our first show on TMCTv

9 – 18 – 2015 : Final broadcast on Eve Radio.. Special Guest Elise Randolph … eve shaningans

9 – 8 – 2015 : Stuntflores ban , Grath Telkin joins in.., more Eve Talk and Eve Vegas 2015..

9 – 1 – 2015 : Dirks Bday, EOCTV , ATXIII AAR

8 – 15 – 2015 : Provi-War , Fozziesov, Eve Media arent always crybabies

8 – 18 – 2015 : ATXIII AAR, CSM Roundtable, Conspiracy of Eve (can Eve be fun?)

8 – 11 – 2015 : More Logi Talk , Eve NewEngland AAR , visit with Jayne Fillion

8 – 4 – 2015 : General Eve Talk, Logistic Revamp, and other basic shenanigans

7 – 28 – 2015 : FossieSov Convo , Listener Call-ins , Dealing with Attributes

7 – 21 – 2015 : Short Episode , Talk about Theomachy with Riela Tanal

7 – 14 – 2015 : Fozzy Sov Patch Day…. Can we make life in 0.0 better ???

7 – 8 – 2015 : Aegis Patch Day ,  Special Guest Manfried Sidious , and usual Shenanigans

7 – 1 – 2015 : FozzieSov, Warp Changes, Usual Shenanigans

6 – 24 – 2015 :Ishtar changes, CCP GM response to twitch giveaways,  Stream Monetization 

6 – 17 – 2015 : Random Eve, RMT talk, again …. And other typical shenanigans

6 – 10 -2015 : Twitch & RMT, Random Eve Stuff . Shadowandlight Returns

6 – 3  -2015 : Carnyx Patch Day , Game of throne OMGWTFS  and Sir Squeebles

5 –  27 – 2015 : Pve Talk , Mike Azariah Hot Drop , Random Eve and Tv/Film Stuff

5 – 20 – 2015 : Rixx Javix , 80s Tv Nostalgia , CCP Dev strike and Random Eve Stuff

5 – 13 – 2015 : Citadels , jackdaws and WWE Superstars

4 – 29 – 2015 : Mosaic Patch Day and Excessive drinking for a good cause

4 – 22 – 2015 : Happy Earth day and New Ship skins

4 – 15 – 2015 : Mineral Changes and How to get more women players 

4 – 8 – 2015 : Random Shenanigans and a visit from the IronBank Bunch

4 – 1 – 2015 : Random Eve stuff and Beta gives words of wisdom

3 – 25 – 2015 : AAR Fanfest and random arguing

3 – 18 – 2015 : Fanfest Talk and alot of random drinking – Happy St. Paddy’s Day

3 – 11 – 2015 : Random-shenanigans-and-typical-bs

3 – 4 – 2015 : Sov Change Devblog

2- 25 – 2015 : Random Eve talk and other garbage