1. Freelancer117 · November 21, 2015


    are you sure you still want to be part of the Mittani and his Media ?
    Even Funky Bacon is back and uses Eve Radio as a podcast platform.
    source: http://funkybacon.blogspot.nl/2015/11/the-return-of-funkybacon-friends.html

    Regards, a Freelancer

    • Dirk MacGirk · November 21, 2015

      One outlet is no different than another as far as we’re concerned, except for how the show itself is supported. TMC was the better option in that regard. If you think we’re part of “Mittani’s Media” then I don’t know what to tell you. And it’s great to know Funky is back doing something. We didn’t leave because he was leaving or because he was staying, so we sure wouldn’t go back just because he’s semi-sorta-kinda returned. The fact is that people have slanted views across all the outlets. What I can say is that we’ve never experienced any kind of oddities or questionable behavior at TMC as it relates to our show. And that is really all that matters to us as to where we broadcast.